ABC Glossary - General ABC-USA Abbreviations

Below you will find a searchable glossary of general ABC-USA terms and definitions.
Term Definition
ABAAmerican Baptist Assembly (aka: Green Lake Conference Center)
ABBEPAmerican Baptist Board of Education & Publication (BEM, EM)
ABCCAmerican Baptist Computer Center
ABCISAmerican Baptist Churches Information Systems
ABCOSHAmerican Baptist Congregations of the Southwest and Hawaii
ABCUSAAmerican Baptist Churches in the U.S.A.
ABECThe American Baptist Extension Corporation
ABFAmerican Baptist Foundation
ABFMSAmerican Baptist Foreign Mission Society (BIM)
ABHCMAmerican Baptist Homes & Caring Ministries
ABHMSAmerican Baptist Home Mission Society, (BNM)
ABHSAmerican Baptist Historical Society
ABMAmerican Baptist Men
ABMCAmerican Baptist Ministers Council
ABMSAmerican Baptist Mission Support
ABNSAmerican Baptist News Service
ABPSAmerican Baptist Personnel Services
ABWIMAmerican Baptist Women In Ministry
ABWMAmerican Baptist Women's Ministries
AFCAmerica For Christ (BNM/Regions)
AMOAssociated Ministry Organization
BEMBoard of Educational Ministries
BGMBoard of General Ministries
BGMECBoard of General Ministries Executive Committee
BIMBoard of International Ministries
BNMBoard of National Ministries
BPFBaptist Peace Fellowship
BRCBudget Review Committee
BROBudget Review Officer, ABC
BWABaptist World Alliance
CPSCongregational Profile System (See ABCIS)
EMEducational Ministries
GBGeneral Board
GBECGeneral Board Executive Committee
GECGeneral Executive Council (now the NLC)
GECECGeneral Executive Council Executive Committee
GLCCGreen Lake Conference Center (aka: ABA)
IMInternational Ministries ABC
JPJudson Press
MCMinisters Council
MLCMinisterial Leadership Commission
MMBBMinisters and Missionaries Benefit Board
MRCMulti-Region Corporation
MRDMission Resource Development
MVPMission, Vision, Planning Task Force
NASName and Address System
NECNational Executive Council
NLCNational Leadership Council
NMNational Ministries
OGHSOne Great Hour of Sharing
OGSOffice of the General Secretary
OTCPOffice of Travel and Conference Planning
PCLProfessional Church Leadership
REMCRegional Executive Ministers Council
RMMORetired Ministers and Missionaries Offering
TIMTogether in Ministry
UMUnited Mission
WABHMSWoman's American Baptist Home Mission Society
WCCWorld Council of Churches
WIMWomen in Ministry
WMOWorld Mission Offering
WMSWorld Mission Support
WRCWorld Relief Committee