ABC Glossary - General ABC-USA Abbreviations

Below you will find a searchable glossary of general ABC-USA terms and definitions.
Term Definition
Term Definition
ABA American Baptist Assembly (aka: Green Lake Conference Center)
ABBEP American Baptist Board of Education & Publication (BEM, EM)
ABCC American Baptist Computer Center
ABCIS American Baptist Churches Information Systems
ABCOSH American Baptist Congregations of the Southwest and Hawaii
ABCUSA American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A.
ABEC The American Baptist Extension Corporation
ABF American Baptist Foundation
ABFMS American Baptist Foreign Mission Society (BIM)
ABHCM American Baptist Homes & Caring Ministries
ABHMS American Baptist Home Mission Society, (BNM)
ABHS American Baptist Historical Society
ABM American Baptist Men
ABMC American Baptist Ministers Council
ABMS American Baptist Mission Support
ABNS American Baptist News Service
ABPS American Baptist Personnel Services
ABWIM American Baptist Women In Ministry
ABWM American Baptist Women's Ministries
AFC America For Christ (BNM/Regions)
AMO Associated Ministry Organization
BEM Board of Educational Ministries
BGM Board of General Ministries
BGMEC Board of General Ministries Executive Committee
BIM Board of International Ministries
BNM Board of National Ministries
BPF Baptist Peace Fellowship
BRC Budget Review Committee
BRO Budget Review Officer, ABC
BWA Baptist World Alliance
CPS Congregational Profile System (See ABCIS)
EM Educational Ministries
GB General Board
GBEC General Board Executive Committee
GEC General Executive Council (now the NLC)
GECEC General Executive Council Executive Committee
GLCC Green Lake Conference Center (aka: ABA)
IM International Ministries ABC
JP Judson Press
MC Ministers Council
MLC Ministerial Leadership Commission
MMBB Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board
MRC Multi-Region Corporation
MRD Mission Resource Development
MVP Mission, Vision, Planning Task Force
NAS Name and Address System
NEC National Executive Council
NLC National Leadership Council
NM National Ministries
OGHS One Great Hour of Sharing
OGS Office of the General Secretary
OTCP Office of Travel and Conference Planning
PCL Professional Church Leadership
REMC Regional Executive Ministers Council
RMMO Retired Ministers and Missionaries Offering
TIM Together in Ministry
UM United Mission
WABHMS Woman’s American Baptist Home Mission Society
WCC World Council of Churches
WIM Women in Ministry
WMO World Mission Offering
WMS World Mission Support
WRC World Relief Committee