Promoting Legacy Sunday

Legacy Sunday 

On Legacy Sunday, you can plan a service on generosity, as well as provide informational resources to your potential donors about how they can use planned giving with the help of the American Baptist Foundation to empower your ministry and mission. 

Planning a Legacy Sunday 

Planning a Legacy Sunday involves several components: 
- Promoting the date in advance 
- Providing the congregation with informational resources 
- Developing a service about what it means to steward God's resources while leaving a legacy 

Below, we've provided you with all of the resources necessary for each of these three steps. We believe that it is important for ministries to have a conversation about generosity through planned giving and that is why we want to partner with you. 

Resources for Promoting the Date

Use these materials to plan your Legacy Sunday event. See the document Promoting Legacy Sunday for tips on how to use these resources.

1.     Legacy Sunday Introduction Letter

2.     Sermon Outline One and Two

3.     Bulletin insert

4.     Save the Date Flyer

5.     Join Us Flyer

6.     Facebook Banner

7.     Facebook Post One and Two

8.     Estate Planning Guide Brochure

9.     Planned Giving Gift Guide Brochure


10.  American Baptist Foundation – Mission Video 


How ABF Can Help: 

Other Planned Giving Brochures 

Through your Legacy Sunday event, you can inspire donors to give in creative ways to support your church's ministry and mission. The American Baptist Foundation is available to partner with your ministry to help educate donors on ways to give such as Charitable Gift Annuities, Wills (Bequest), Gifts of Stock, Estate Planning and so much more. 

Our development advisors are available to speak with anyone in your church who wants to learn more about planned giving. You can also invite an advisor to visit your church or to host a virtual event.  


Contact us at 610-768-2035 or for more information. 


Get More Help

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